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All Star Cafe

Come visit our all new ALL STAR CAFE.

Back by popular demand is our BBQ chicken salad.

Check back to see what special "NEW" item is one the menu each week.

New coffee and some healthier items to choose from.
Be sure to let us know how we are doing.

New This Year    2016 Snack Bar Duties:

Each Team @ VCAA will be assigned to work in the snack bar  2 different times during the season.  This is a job where the parents must be involved.  All Teams are required to work their scheduled shift(s)in the Snack Bar.

 If not enough parents help, the snack bar can't open.  It's a fun and easy job, so don't hesitate to step in and help.  One other important note- for safety and insurance reasons, please do not bring children with you when you work in the snack bar. 

BBQ Volunteers MUST BE age 18 or Over

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